Mr. Cream Puff
Name Mr. Cream Puff
Sex Male
Age 300+
Species Candy Person
Occupation Former Boyfriend of Princess Bubblegum
Introduced in "Slumber Party Panic"
Latest appearance "Gold & Candy"
Voiced by Pendleton Ward

Mr. Cream Puff  (or Old Mr. Cream Puff and Cream Puff ) was a formally deceased candy citizen that appeared in "Slumber Party Panic." He rose from the dead and became a zombie because of Princess Bubblegum's faulty Decorpsinator Serum, but with her fixed potion, he once again became a regular citizen of the Candy Kingdom. He said "Gimme some sugar, baby" as he was about to attack Princess Bubblegum (as a zombie), but was quickly knocked away by Finn. Right before attempting to revive him, Princess Bubblegum noted that they "used to date."

Mr. Cream Puff appears again in "The Vault", while Princess Bubblegum looks over her kingdom, she says that all Candy People are like her children, before turning to Mr. Cream Puff, saying he is more like her boyfriend.

Mr. Cream Puff re-appears in "Silver & Candy", when he becomes jealous since Silver Prince is Princess Bubblegum new boyfriend. So he challenges Silver Prince to a fight for Princess Bubblegum's heart. In the end Silver Prince wins and Mr. Cream Puff goes to the Candy Kingdom Mental Hospital, but is soon released by Silver Prince and Princess Bubblegum. He, Silver Prince and Princess Bubblegum are all friends now and Mr. Cream Puff has no romantic feelings for Princess Bubblegum anymore.


He looks like a cream puff, hence his name. He has chocolate on the top of his head, and wears a sailor hat. Like a cream puff, he is probably filled with cream or ice cream. He, like many other candy people, has long arms (longer than his body) and short legs.


  • The phrase "Gimme some sugar, baby!" was a quadruple reference.
    • The first reference is about his past relationship with Princess Bubblegum, as seen in the "The Vault".
    • The second reference was about how Princess Bubblegum was a Candy Person, and since he was a Candy Zombie, he wanted to eat her.
    • The third reference is that it is a line from the movie Army of Darkness, the main antagonists of which were members of the undead.
    • The final reference is that "Sugar Baby" is a brand of candy.
  • His hat resembles Flapjack's hat.