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Jake the Dog
Original Jake.png
Name Jake the Dog
Sex Male
Age 28 (Magical Dog Years)
Species Dog
Occupation Hero
Criminal (formally)
Father (to 5 pups)
Relatives Joshua (Father)†
Margret (Mother)†
Finn (adoptive brother)
Jermaine (Brother)
Lady Rainicorn (Wife)
Charlie (Daughter)
Jake Jr. (Daughter)
Viola (Daughter)
Kim Kil Whan (Son)
T.V. (Son)
Introduced in "Adventure Time!"
Voiced by John DiMaggio

Jake (Full Title: Jake the Dog), the deuteragonist of Adventure Time, is a magical dog and Finn's constant companion, best friend, and adoptive brother. Jake has Stretchy Powers (which he has had since he was a puppy), which allow him to stretch and manipulate his body, coming in handy on innumerable occasions throughout his and Finn's adventures. He is the son of Joshuaand Margaret. Jake has a brother named Jermaine. Jake is 28 in magical dog years, though he rarely acts mature. Then again, how exactly magical dog years correlate to human years remains to be seen. Both he and his wife, Lady Rainicorn, share a passion for playing the viola. In the episode "Jake the Dad," he and Lady Rainicorn have 5 rainicorn-dog hybrid puppies.


Jake's invisible spider web "pants."

He can morph into all sorts of fantastic shapes thanks to his Stretchy Powers. But regularly, he is an average sized yellow-orange dog with jowls. He also wears transparent pants made of spider webs spun by pixies, which he said in the episode "Donny." In "What was Missing," he borrows the pair of pants that Marceline wore in "It Came from the Nightosphere." When he was a puppy, he was small enough for his father, Joshua, to loom over him.

In the animated short, he looked very similar to how he does now, but his eyes stayed the same throughout the episode, and his hands had no fingers except for when he was meditating.

Due to a curse placed upon him by a wizard some point before the series began, his innards emit a vanilla odor, as stated by him in "The Silent King."


Jake's Stretchy Powers enable him to modify the size, shape, and dimensions of every part of his body. Not only can he stretch and contort himself into highly specific forms, but he can also rearrange his internal organs, and teeth. In "Evicted!," he was able to shrink and move his internal organs and blood into his left thumb. Also in "Jake vs. Me-Mow," he enlarged his liver 51 times a dog his size, preventing him from dying of Me-Mow's poison. One frequent use of his powers is Key Hand, which he uses to pick locks. He has also used his arm as a bow able to accurately shoot arrows at a short distance. Jake's stretching ability is subject to the principle of conservation of mass as seen in The Limit, however the ratio at which he retains mass is different than what applies to other masses in Ooo.

Although he lacks the zeal for fighting that Finn possesses, Jake is a capable fighter. What he lacks in Finn's talent for swordsmanship, he makes up for in toughness and magical brawn. He is a capable hand to hand fighter, and can transform his limbs into weapons. He can also stretch to entangle enemies, or grow to gain a height and weight advantage. His shapeshifting can grant him supernatural strength, and he can simply overpower many enemies. However, he often leaves the brawling to Finn.

As shown in "Mystery Train," he is also able to stretch himself to "create" an entirely new person, as long as they remain connected to him. In "You Made Me," he is shown to be able to move objects through his body freely when he lets Princess Bubblegum jump into his mouth and then pushes her up through his back. Jake can be stretched by force as seen in "Ocean of Fear," when Finn stretched Jake's ears to avoid making contact with the ocean and in "Beautopia" when forced into a paddle. Pen Ward has said in an interview that Jake uses his powers lazily and doesn't know their full extent. In "The Witch's Garden," Jake claims to have obtained his powers by rolling around in a magical mud puddle as a puppy, but in an interview Pendleton Ward stated that this is not how Jake got his powers, he just could not remember.

Jake's powers are sometimes used against his will, as in "Power Animal" where Jake's stomach took the shape of a fist and punched him so that he would wake up and eat.

Jake is capable of walking on his two hind legs, as humans, but can also run on four legs.

In the episode "The Limit," Jake's Stretchy Powers are put to the test. It is revealed that while Jake can stretch his body to incredible lengths, he does have a limit. As he approaches this limit, his body becomes dangerously thin. Once his mass is distributed along a certain length of his body, it becomes difficult for him to support himself; at one point, Jake was forced to walk along the ground. If he were to stretch beyond his absolute limit, it is presumed that he would completely thin out and die.

Being a magical dog, Jake, perhaps unsurprisingly, also has an acute sense of smell, as he can apparently smell the precise location of an object miles away. In "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" he stated that his sense of smell is "like 1,000 times better" than Finn's, although compared to normal dogs this is a somewhat low estimate, suggesting that he was either just guessing, or his sense of smell is not magic and just that of an average dog, albeit one with human intelligence. It is also seen in "The Enchiridion" that he could smell the book not only that it was in a castle but it was in a castle and it was in a room. Once again he states to Finn that Finn had probably wanted such good senses of smell though it seems in different episodes he just wants to make Finn somewhat jealous, although keen senses are the natural abilities of a real-life dog.

He also owns a sword, a shield and an axe but seldom uses them in combat. In "Mystery Train," when disguised as the Conductor, he briefly uses a sword to fight Finn, who defeats him effortlessly. This demonstrates that Jake is not proficient in swordplay, at least relative to Finn. During the same time, he also displays a prowess for skateboarding, as he performs jumps, ollies, and grinds; several atop a moving train.

Jake also has a supernaturally powerful imagination (on the verge of having psychic powers) as seen in "Rainy Day Daydream." Anything he imagines becomes reality; however, only he can see his own creations.

Jake is a skilled musician as well, particularly with the viola, which can have peculiar effects when playing certain pieces such as the first movement of Beethoven's 14th piano sonata. Jake's viola is the home of Shelby the Worm and has the word "toots" scratched on the back, which is shown in the episode "What Was Missing." In the same episode, Jakes purposefully breaks his viola and, later, repairs it. Jake also plays the acoustic guitar, as seen when he plays the titular song in "Susan Strong." It is shown in "Incendium" that he can also play ukulele. Jake will beat-box on occasion, such as in "Slow Love," "Daddy's Little Monster," and "Dad's Dungeon." In "Death in Bloom," Finn describes Jake as "the musical one."

Jake sings often in the series, usually along with Finn or on his own. Some of his songs are Bacon Pancakes from "Burning Low," On a Tropical Island from "Morituri Te Salutamus," and I'm On a Boat from "Beautopia."

Fighting Style[]

Jake does not share Finns agressive style of fighting, and does not rely on any form of formal training mainly focusing on overpowering his opponents with giant muscles and giant size and weight. Jake does more than punch and kick, his powers allow him to stretch and knot up his opponents though it has shown to be affective only on certain characters such as "Hunson Abadeer who can break free almost instantly or "Ice King who struggled to break free of Jake's grip.

Jake is a proficient dancer, and at one point even showed a dancing bug "how it's done."

Skilles and Hobbies[]

Jake also claims to be very proficient at the board gameCard Wars. He has a very good understanding of the game, since he was able to explain all of the rules to Finn. However, Finn was able to nearly beat him easily (he purposefully lost to spare Jake's feelings).

In "Freak City," Jake claims he can sense when Finn is about to cry, saying "it's like a mother-daughter thing." Apparently, Jake can also calm Finn down with his saliva.

Jake can also speak Korean, which he uses to communicate with Lady Rainicorn. In "Her Parents," he writes a note to Lady's mother and father using Hangul, the Korean writing system, and greets them speaking the formal Korean language.

In "Power Animal," Jake's body is filled with the energy of "a thousand partying demons," as a catch from his wish granted by the Party God. As a result, a few temporary powers were granted to him, such as the ability to fly (although, this might not have been flight, but merely a sort of homing beacon to find Finn, because Jake didn't appear to have any control over his direction). In receiving these powers, his body began to glow, and his eyes became stars flashing multiple colors.

In "The Chamber of Frozen Blades," Jake and Finn both gain powers similar to the Ice King by reading the Ice Ninja Manual, but lose their powers after the episode is over, as they did not have enough time to commit the incantations and hand positions to memory.

In "The New Frontier," Jake says that he will probably live another hundred years suggesting that his magical powers also make it so Jake will live much longer than the average dog.

In "Dad's Dungeon," Jake farts on Fruit Witches while climbing away from them (holding Finn) to make them fall down from flying after them.

Barking doesn't come naturally as seen in "Up a Tree."

As shown in "The Great Bird Man," Jake knows how to read Braille, which was taught to him by his ex.

Jake has also shown to be a skilled thief as revealed in the episode 'One Last Job," having stole the Baker's Shard, one of the most highly protected jewels in the Candy Kingdom.

Personality and character traits[]

Jake is generally laid-back and tends not to worry about things. He relies heavily on his powers (or Finn) to get him out of any dangerous predicament. While he often cracks jokes at serious times, Jake always has a lecture or a song to cheer Finn up if he is feeling disheartened. Acting as Finn's world-wise mentor, Jake is always willing to give input and advice about a situation, but his suggestions are usually inconsistent, ranging from encouraging and helpful suggestions to ridiculous nonsense. He can be somewhat irresponsible at times, frequently leaving Finn to fight most of a battle on his own, but he always pulls through when he is needed most.

Jake may be dyslexic, as evidenced by the fact that he writes backwards, as shown on his note to Finn in "Storytelling." However, Finn also writes backwards in several episodes, indicating that this may be the result of Joshua and Margaret's parenting style or a common mistake in the Land of Ooo. Jake is easily persuaded into doing dangerous and irresponsible things, as in "The Limit" where he states that he'll do anything if someone says his name three times.

Jake loves to eat. He likes junk food, especially pie, burgers, and ice cream. He isn't afraid to try new foods (as seen in "Her Parents") and invents his own foods. There is evidence of his ability to cook; for example, he makes Korean food for Finn at the beginning of "Apple Thief," and he cooked all the food that he used to make the Everything Burrito. He made coffee in "Beautopia," bacon pancakes in "Burning Low" and also scrambled eggs in "Frost & Fire." He has stated in "Slumber Party Panic" that eating chocolate or fudge would probably kill him, much like normal dogs. Jake is shown to have a very short attention span, as shown in "Power Animal."

Jake also possesses symptoms of ADD. He can literally forget about a conversation in a moment, and start doing something completely unrelated, such as putting an ice cream cone in a toaster. This is shown in "Power Animal" when he gets continually distracted by his surroundings while looking for Finn. Cinnamon Bun summarizes it quite nicely, saying, "Jake, you don't really focus at all." This is also shown in "Burning Low," when he falls asleep twice: once when Princess Bubblegum is trying to explain why Finn can't be with Flame Princess, and again when Finn tries to get poetry ideas from him.

Jake can also be rather fickle at times; a prime example of this is in "The Duke," when he convinces Finn to blame the Duke of Nuts for turning Princess Bubblegum green and bald, but later spends the rest of the episode trying to convince Finn to confess that he did it. In "Freak City," he spends most of the episode trying to convince Finn to remain a "good-smelling" foot, and uncharacteristically tells Finn to give up hope. This behavior is somewhat explained later by his confession that he kind of always wanted to be a foot.

At times, Jake is shown to have somewhat of a dark side. Throughout the series, Jake makes some questionable comments and actions that come off as evil or selfish, such as in the episode "My Two Favorite People," when he laughs evilly. Furthermore, in "Susan Strong," he says "We can rule them like gods. Angry gods." Another example of Jake's darker side is seen in the episode "Apple Thief," when he mentions that he used to "[steal] old ladies' purses" and "hock stolen bikes." Jake also acts questionably in "Conquest of Cuteness," when he suggests squishing all the cute people instead of helping them feel better, like Finn wanted to do. In "Morituri Te Salutamus" Jake shouts at the Cute Animals to go away after saving them. Jake has a tendency to steal items without realizing what he is doing, as seen in the episodes "The Witch's Garden" and "City of Thieves." He also steals valuables from the graveyard in "Ghost Princess," but his excuse was that he "didn't know it was wrong." In the episode "Hot to the Touch," when Finn and Jake are flying in the robot suits Neptr made, Jake says "I feel like I could touch the heavens, and sock angels." Jake is generally easy-going, but certain things have been known to set him off. In "Goliad," Jake yelled and barked at the children when they wouldn't calm down. He's also shown to take some games very seriously, such as Card Wars and Kompy's Kastle. In "Card Wars" Jake becomes visibly upset when Finn starts to beat him, and BMO reveals that when it won against Jake before, he wouldn't talk to BMO for a month. In "Who Would Win" Finn breaks Jake's portable Kompy's Kastle game (which Jake has to play every day in order to maintain his rank) and Jake responds by physically attacking Finn. Jake is not afraid of death as shown in "The New Frontier."

He is a firm believer in fate and destiny. Jake also believes in Grob Gob Glob Grod and Glob World. He is also not very willing to do things that require effort sometimes as shown in "The Witch's Garden" when he is unwilling to run and save Finn from Gary. His lack of effort is also shown in "Who Would Win" when he states that he would rather play Kompy's Kastle than train. Jake also seems to like boots, as seen in "City of Thieves" Jake steals boots from a store, and also in "Incendium" when he goes out to find Finn a new love interest, he puts on a pair of boots, meaning that Jake likes wearing boots sometimes. He has also been known to have a great love for sandwiches as seen in "Jake the Dog," "The Limit," and "Dungeon." Jake the Dog and Dungeon being more prominent seeing as how he was willing to waste his only wish for a sandwich, and choose a sandwich as a weapon, respectively.



Margret and Joshua[]

Joshua and Margaret are Jake's parents who first appeared in a flashback in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain." Confirmed on Pendleton Ward's Formspring, Finn and Jake's parents are dead, although when or how they died has not been revealed. During his flashback as a child in the episode "Crystals Have Power," Jake was shown to have a living brother named Jermaine. He has not been seen in-person; only in flashbacks and holograms. Jake is often reminded of his family, as shown in "Beautopia." In "Conquest of Cuteness," Jake tells Finn that sometimes he sounds like his mother.


Finn and Jake hanging out.

Finn and Jake are best friends and adoptive brothers. They will go out of their way to protect each other. Jake watches over Finn using his Stretchy Powers to protect him, whether it is shielding him from rain or cold weather, or catching him in mid-fall. Jake was fully aware of Finn's crush on Princess Bubblegum. He was also very supportive when he was heartsick from her, and fully understands how much Princess Bubblegum had hurt him.

Having been raised together by Jake's parents, the two share a brotherly companionship. Jake often acts as a force of guidance in Finn's life, giving out advice or simply cheering him up in his own misguided ways. In "Incendium", he finds Finn a girlfriend in order for him to cope from Princess Bubblegum, and in "Burning Low," Jake gave Finn advice about his love life which shows Jake is doing his best to make sure Finn's relationship with Flame Princess doesn't turn out like his relationship with Princess Bubblegum. Though they have seemingly contrasting personalities, the pair make an excellent team and are immensely important figures in each other's lives.

It is known that Jake is not Finn's dog, but rather his friend and brother, while Finn sees himself as their son and fellow 'puppy.' Jake can sense when he is about to cry or feeling about to cry, he said that it is like a mother-daughter relationship. Sometimes, the two consider Jake as a real pet dog, like when Finn says "good dog" in "Rainy Day Daydream", or Jake catching a Frisbee similar to a traditional human-dog relationship in "Up a Tree".

However, there may be moments in which they could not settle their differences, like in "Video Makers", in which they ignore each other because of a dispute whether the movie should be an action adventure or a romantic comedy. In the episode "Who Would Win" after Finn destroys Jake's video game, Kompy's Kastle, Jake, in anger tells Finn that he's going to break every bone in his body and then heal his with the magic tears that Finn got from the Cyclops. However intense their fighting, it is noted that they always make up because of someone, whether it be BMO or the Dream Warrior.

Jake can be quite selfless when Finn is endangered, and will willingly take physical punishment in order to shield his friend. In "James Baxter the Horse," Jake protected Finn from a punch that would have crushed them both, severely damaging his body in the process. The two have a fraternal bond, and will stop at nothing to ensure each-other's safety.

Lady Rainicorn[]

Lady Rainicorn and Jake.

 is Jake's wife. Jake is fluent in Korean, which he uses to communicate with Lady. A loyal boyfriend, Jake often stops adventuring to make time for her, meeting her every day at 4:00 PM on the dot.

In "Go With Me," they are seen kissing at Couples Only Movie Night. In the episode "My Two Favorite People," Lady recalls a time when she and Jake ran naked through a farmer's field, causing them both to blush. This may indicate some level of intimacy in their relationship, though they are technically almost always naked, aside from Jake's invisible pants.

Jake feels threatened by and becomes jealous when other males are friendly with Lady. For instance, Jake storms off when he misinterprets Finn and Lady's budding friendship in "My Two Favorite People." Another example comes in "Video Makers," when Mr. Cupcake flexes his muscles at Lady Rainicorn instead of acting out a wedding for Jake's romantic comedy movie. Jake says that he told him to say the lines instead of flexing out, who instead responds "I don't hear her complaining," which provokes Jake into attacking him. In "Paper Pete," Jake said that one day he wants to have children with Lady Rainicorn, and at the end of "Lady & Peebles," she tells Jake in English: "I am pregnant!"

Jake is shown in "Up a Tree" to be very devoted to Lady during her pregnancy; he carries the basket while they go out for a picnic, helps roll her up so she can get on the blanket, and later leaves Finn on his adventure so he can walk Lady home. Later, he is shown washing dishes at Lady's house while Finn and the Squirrel fly by. In "All the Little People," he spends 16 weeks at Lady's after being annoyed by Finn's obsession with the little beings. As the pups were born, Jake showed a very high level of dedication towards his family to keep them safe. However, even though they had kids, they showed no thought into getting married untill "Jake and Lady," where they get married.

The Pups[]

Jake loves his children CharlieT.V.ViolaKim Kil Whan, and Jake Jr. deeply. When they were first born in "Jake the Dad," he was extremely excited to show them to Finn and BMO, and became very emotional with his new family surrounding him. He even cried tears of joy when Finn told him how proud their mother would be of him. He even announced to Finn that he would be living with Lady and the pups from then on, which may conclude that Jake may love his puppies more than Finn. 

Jake immediately became a watchful, attentive, and very over-protective father, constantly consulting his Mom's manual on how to raise and nurture the pups properly. Unfortunately, he took his job too seriously, and coupled with the paranoid advice from his mother's manual, he ended up wearying himself out over his children. He went as far as to watch them through binoculars until 4 a.m., perform CPR on them while they were sleeping (courtesy of his mother's advice), and leash them while they took a walk outside.

The pups on the other hand, who had inherited the trait of rapid aging from Lady, learned to take care of themselves in a short amount of time. When Jake was taken by a horde of foxes to be eaten, the pups banded together to create Super Pup, quickly defeating the enemies as Jake was too exhausted to defend himself.

Though Jake still cares for his children, he found himself moving back in with Finn, stating that, "The pups can pretty much take care of themselves. They don't really need me around... they're basically, like, older than me already."

In "Puhoy," Jake plays with BMO by tossing it up and down, which inspires BMO to ask why Jake does not do this with his actual children.  Jake explains that Rainicorns age to adulthood in a few hours, which makes BMO ask if Jake regrets that. Jake becomes visibly sad before being distracted by Finn's return from the Pillow World.

Jake Jr. has been shown to look up to Jake, attempting to imitate his criminal past in "One Last Job."  She is seen hanging out with Finn and Jake at the Tree Fort in "Another Five More Short Graybles," though Finn and Jake tend to treat her more like a small child than a (rapidly-aged) adult.


Princess Bubblegum[]

Jake was very aware of Finn's previous crush on Princess Bubblegum, so Princess Bubblegum and Jake have a rather strange relationship. They are good friends, though Jake and Princess Bubblegum rarely speak to each other, but in "Incendium," Princess Bubblegum calls him "puppy" in a sweet, baby voice even letting him rest his head on her lap, and in the episode "Ricardio the Heart Guy" Jake and Princess Bubblegum teased Finn's love for Princess Bubblegum. In "Princess Cookie," Jake stated that he hated her because he thought it was unfair that Princess Bubblegum didn't let him be a mailman and made him be a milkman, though it is possible he was just saying this to stall Baby-Snaps. In "Burning Low," Jake misinterprets Princess Bubblegum's attempts at keeping Flame Princess stable as jealousy, and when she returns again looking for Finn, Jake furiously berates her for causing Finn so much emotional pain and for being a "heartless monster." After stabilizing Flame Princess, Jake notices Bubblegum's reaction to Finn and Flame Princess' "kiss" (each kissing a rock to symbolize kissing each other) and mocks her for being jealous, only for Princess Bubblegum to tell him to shut up.

Silver Prince

Jake and Silver Prince are good friends. He and Finn helped SP win the heart of Princess Bubblegum in "A New Suitor." Jake is aware of that Finn and Silver Prince has no rivalry with each other so the two are good.

Tree Trunks[]

Jake and Tree Trunks.

Jake and Tree Trunks share a close relationship, which is similar to a grandmother-grandson relationship. This is shown most of the time, though there was a situation in the episode "Tree Trunks" when she kissed him several times so that he would let her help Finn.

Jake appeared later with lipstick marks all over his face, and he was smiling. Later, Tree Trunks tells Finn that she'll accept his apology (Finn had earlier yelled at her) if he would let her kiss his cheek.

Finn was about to decline the offer when Jake says "Whoa, let her kiss your cheek, man! It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" Other than this, there are no references of an unlikely romantic relationship between Jake and Tree Trunks, although they remain close friends.


In the episode "His Hero," Jake stated he had a secret crush on Billy. And whenever they meet, Jake keeps saying "I love you, Billy!" Jake seems to have great respect for Billy, and quit his "violent" way of saving people and started saving people in a more pacifistic way because Billy thought it was the right way, even though Finn doubts it.


Jake and Prismo.

Prismo and Jake hang out together in the episode "Jake the Dog." They became quick friends and Jake rated Prismo as "A strong number three on my cool guys list." Jake enjoys hanging with Prismo, but implies that Prismo needs a girlfriend because he's so lonely. At the end of the episode, Prismo states that he would like to hang out with Jake more in the future.

Baby Snaps[]

At the beginning of "Princess Cookie," Jake saw Baby Snaps as a villain and a criminal due to the fact he took hostages and wanted Princess Bubblegum's tiara. However, he soon befriends Baby Snaps after hearing his story about him and Princess Bubblegum. Jake was happy hearing Baby Snaps stating Jake reminding him of a mailman he knew. Jake even "betrayed" Finn and Princess Bubblegum to help Baby Snaps escape. At the end of the episode, Jake gives him a crown and makes Baby Snaps the princess of the Grass Lands.

Flame Princess[]

The Flame Princess

At the beginning of "Incendium," Jake seems to like her as a girlfriend for Finn. However, after she shows her hot-headed side (and her father calls her his "evil daughter") Jake seems to be afraid of her. In "Hot to the Touch," Jake continues to think that she is evil and tries to make Finn understand that.

Jake greatly respects Finn's relationship with Flame Princess, and does everything he can to keep it intact, including keeping his distance when the two are spending time together. Jake also defended Flame Princess when Princess Bubblegum apparently attempted to keep the couple apart. After "Burning Low," Jake no longer sees her as evil and just wants Finn to be happy.


Marceline scarring Jake.

Jake initially has a fear of vampires, which makes him terrified of Marceline. Marceline can't help it and likes to scare Jake, but in "Henchman," Jake will not accept the fact that Marceline is not evil, and almost murdered her by exposing her to sunlight.

However, by season two, Jake seems to have accepted that she is not evil and has gotten over his fear of her, although Jake was in Finn's pocket during the events of "It Came from the Nightosphere," and because Marceline attends Finn and Jake's party in "Power Animal" and movie nightin "Video Makers." In "Go With Me," Jake was arguing with her of what to tell Finn to do so he can impress Princess Bubblegum and ask her to go with him to the movies ."

As shown in "Heat Signature," Jake is now friends with Marceline and visits her house to watch movies. He also is concerned when Marceline is in danger in "Memory of a Memory." They have become close friends, although Jake still holds some level of fear for her, as exemplified in "Marceline's Closet," where he is clearly trembling at the mere thought of what Marceline will do to him and Finn at the realization that they broke into her house and invaded her privacy.


Finn hugging BMO in "Hug Wolf."

BMO lives with Finn and Jake in the Tree Fort. He serves as their living video game system, film editor, camera, and many more portable electric items. He appeared in the eighth episode of Adventure Time, so it is obvious he has been with them for a long time. In "Video Makers," BMO records the footage requested by Finn and Jake, although they disagree on what genre of movie it will be, so they leave him a note that tells him to keep only the best footage and present it at the Movie Club. He ends up bringing them together by using both the action and comedy/romance footage and singing a song, so it appears he doesn't take sides with either of them. Occasionally, Finn and Jake seem to take on parental roles when it comes to BMO, such as taking him to soccer practice or disciplining him when he misbehaves.

Ice Prince[]

Jake and Ice Prince are friends. They become friends at the end of "Ice Prince?," but they don't really know each-other that well. But Jake does know his story and understands it.

Former Love Interest[]

Unnamed Ex-Girlfriend[]

In "The Great Bird Man," Jake reveals he had an ex-girlfriend before Lady Rainicorn. Not much is known about their relationship, but Jake notes that she was the one that taught him how to read Braille.

Cinnamon Bun[]

In "All Your Fault," it is revealed that Jake shapeshifts and puts on a pink bow to occasionally act as Cinnamon Bun's girlfriend.


Lord Malum[]

Jake and Lord Malum are mortal enemies. They have battled with each other many times. They first meat in the episode "Malum Est," where Princess Bubblegum told them about him. Lord Malum is the son of The Lich, so they are enemies. He (like his father) can posses people. If he gets the enough energy he can posses the power to destroy all life, and take over the world, so Finn and Jake constantly tries to stop Lord Malum.


The Squirrel considers Jake his enemy, due to the fact Jake didn't publish the Squirrel's letter in the newspapers. However, Jake doesn't seem to remember who the Squirrel is. In "The Duke," the Squirrel (along with the Marquis of Nuts) attacks Jake (along with Finn) at the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty (who still can't remember who the Squirrel is). He returns at the end of "Princess Potluck" when he succesfully hits Jake with an arrow, while screaming, "YOU SON OF A BLEEP-BLOB!!! JAKE!!!!", proving that he still hasn't gotten past his grudge.


Ice King[]

The Squirrel considers Jake his enemy, due to the fact Jake didn't publish the Squirrel's letter in the newspapers. However, Jake doesn't seem to remember who the Squirrel is. In "The Duke," the Squirrel (along with the Marquis of Nuts) attacks Jake (along with Finn) at the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty (who still can't remember who the Squirrel is). He returns at the end of "Princess Potluck" when he succesfully hits Jake with an arrow, while screaming, "YOU SON OF A BLEEP-BLOB!!! JAKE!!!!", proving that he still hasn't gotten past his grudge.


In "My Two Favorite People," Jake befriends a boy named Tiffany in an attempt to get Finn and Lady Rainicorn jealous of him. However when Jake makes up with Lady, Finn fights Tiffany and spits on him, causing Tiffany to run away screaming. Before leaving, he vows that he will still become Jake's best friend. He returned in "One Last Job" where it was revealed he lives in a rundown shack, where he idolizes Jake, and was previously part of Jake's old gang. When Jakes calls him back, he seems to want to still be Jake's best friend. Jake, however, still doesn't like him, especially when Tiffany betrays him.

Banana Man[]

When Jake had a Croak Dream with the Banana Man in it, he was scared of the Banana Man at first. As Jake grew to accept death, his dislike of the Banana Man lessened. Jake thinks that he and Banana Man are destined to meet again, when Finn isn't around.

Susan Strong[]

Jake and Susan first met in "Susan Strong," where their relationship was pretty friendly. However, after Susan Strong tried to eat the Candy Kingdom, Jake starts to think she is crazy as shown in "Beautopia." Jake constantly repeats that she is insane to Finn throughout the episode, and follows Susan and Finn to annoy and disrupt them.


Gareth was a part of Jake's old gang as described in "One Last Job." Gareth shows greater interest in getting his hands on riches, rather than helping his "friend."

Flying Lettuce Brothers[]

The Flying Lettuce Brothers were part of Jake's old gang as described in "One Last Job." The brothers show great respect toward Jake, calling him "the master." Nevertheless, they still end up betraying him.

Party God[]

Jake was invite to a party in the Cloud Kingdom and was favored by the Party God for "being a completely off-the-hook party dog." Jake was then allowed one free wish (which was then used to help find Finn) but beforehand figuring out that there was a catch to it.

Adventure Time Game![]


  • Wizard Jake: Jake is a wizard from the episode "Wizard."
  • Jake Suite: Finn is in the Jake Suite from the episode "Jake Suite."
  • Zombie Jake: The zompie version of Jake from "From Bad to Worse."


  • To grow to big sizes and destroy things that are evil.
  • To shrink down and craw through small spaces.


  • Jake's gender-swaped version is Cake.
  • Jake's behavior as a dog are running and standing with his legs and arms, barking(his usual voice is still heard), and wiggling his tail.